Amplifest 2014 edition, ruled!

So, we’re back home from Amplifest, and man, what a remarkable experience this 2014 edition, ended up being. Let’s just start by sending a HUGE thank you to André Mendes and everyone on the Amplifest crew, for being so nice and making us feel so welcome, as usual! It was a true honor to be involved, not only selling records, but also by have been given the chance to book VVOVNDS, in such a killer Fest, with an incredibly distinct line-up. Thanks guys, for giving us this huge display and opportunity. Much love!  

We’ve been attending Amplifest ourselves, since its inception, so we can safely state that its in fact one of the best events for real music advocates. That’s why, we’re already eagerly awaiting for the next year edition.

We would also like to express our gratitude to every single one of you who’ve bought a record or a shirt, or simply went over our merch stall to hang with us. Your support and interest is what keeps us going. Oh, and to all our friends, outside and inside labels. We love you all! 

And last, but obviously not least, to our buddies in VVovnds, for being outstanding dudes, and giving us the most fierce 25m. we’ve ever witnessed. We’re still in awe! 

*Photo by Hugo Magalhães (Porto24).



Cowards entered the studio today. New album in early 2015.

Cowards just entered the studio today to record their “Hoarder” follow-up and second full-length! Once again, the band returned to Sainte-Marthe Studio, with producer Francis Caste, (Kickback, Eibon), at the engineering helm. The new record is expected to surface sometime in early 2015. 

Well, let’s just say that, for what we’ve heard from the Pre-Prod alone, you can expect nothing but a sheer outburst of raging darkness. Get ready!

Blessed Persistence (16 Horsepower), by Cowards

cowards’ snarling, scum-encrusted style does more for sludge than a hundred tracks of moping pseudo-metal could ever hope to do. The album reminds the listener that the genre had fallen off the rails, and Hoarder puts it back on with an outburst of triumphant squalor.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more with this new “Hoarder” review. Check it out here:, while listening to their rad 16 Horsepower, “Blessed Persistence” rendition.

VVOVNDS 1 Zwarte Zunne

Are you all set?

Exactly one week from today, VVOVNDS, the Belgian raw and twisted Hardcore/Punk outfit, will be flying over for an exclusive show on this year edition of Amplifest. They will be performing exactly after Cult Of Luna, on Hard Club second stage at 00:30. Meaning, they’ll be closing the Festival, while unleashing their fierce and sonic hatred on everyone who dares to stay around. So, make sure you don’t miss this! VVovnds, already had the pleasure of supporting acts like Hoax and Thou, and have just released a Split 12’LP w/ Amenra. Stream their split w/ Amenra in its entirety, here:

Also, for the second year in a row, our merch stall will be present with all of our releases and filled with new distro titles, as well. So, let’s hang!  For more info on Amplifest:

The new timetable for Amplifest is up now.

Amplifest 2014 edition will only take place at Hard Club and VVOVNDS will be “tearing down the walls” of the second stage at 00:30. So, get ready for the Belgium negative Hardcore/Punk assault to the senses. 

Also, our merch stall will be present with all of our releases and our distro will be filled with new items from the best record labels around. So, make sure to say Hi and come hang with us. Let’s get the most of this remarkable festival.



Here’s the line-up for Amplifest 2014 edition. VVOVNDS will be playing on the second day of the Fest, right after Urfaust and before the secret act, still to be announced. Get ready for some Belgium Raw-Hardcore/Punk raging madness!



Another RAD This Routine is Hell video from Fluff Fest.


Here’s a real cool video of This Routine is Hell shredding live at Fluff Fest, while performing “Without Spirit, We Roam”. This is why they’re one of the best live bands around, these days. Their summer tour w/ No Omega ends up this Saturday and tomorrow they’re playing in Berlin. You have been warned!

Cowards, hit the US and Canada. Band to record new LP!

Cowards, hit the US and Canada with the reissue of their debut album. Band to record new LP, as states Earsplit Compound:

"Cowards has already built a reputable arsenal of destructive audio since forming in 2011, but will take this year by the throat in several ways, with a reissue of their debut album confirmed for official reissue in North America, and the plans for their next full-length studio endeavor confirmed. The band will return to Sainte-Marthe Studio once again with Francis Caste at the engineering helm for the as-yet-unnamed works, which will be completed for an early 2015 release.”

More info:


VVOVNDS @ Amplifest and more news

VVovnds, the Belgian negative Hardcore/Punk assault to the senses, will be flying over for an exclusive show on this year edition of Amplifest! Mentioning they will leave no one indifferent with their live performance, is clearly an understatement! They’ve had the pleasure of supporting bands like Hoax, Retox and Thou already, and have just released a Split 12’LP w/ Amenra. So, get your fix of raw, noisy, fast, Youth Attack style Hardcore with “No Love”, off of the new Split w/ Amenra, which you can stream in it’s entirety, here: VVOVNDS “No Love”

Pic by S. Temmerman

More news concerning VVovnds related projects in the near future. Stay tuned! 

Also, If you’re not familiar with Amplifest, well, let’s just say they’re rapidly becoming one of the best music festivals in mainland Europe. This year, they’ll be hosting huge names, like Swans, Wovenhand, Cult Of Luna, and many more. For more info, check their webpage: AMPLIFEST.